Our Story

A True Love Story

Like all good stories, this one starts from small beginnings and has a happy ending - even though the story still has some way to go. Sometimes having a passion for creating isn't enough and you need a drive to push you to really make something special happen.

As a husband and wife team, our push came from having two young children who craved more time with their parents and the need to create something of true value to others.

Both leading incredibly busy lives we felt a need to redress the work-life balance and craved for a creative outlet... and so White Penguin was born.

Laura heads up the creative operation whilst Jason ensures the smooth running of the infrastructure of the business. There is a firm focus on 'handmade with love' and this mantra is something that is woven in to every product that is made literally 'in house'.

From small beginnings we set forth and we hope that you will enjoy coming along on the journey with us.